Axelar and Cadila Pharmaceuticals announce co-development agreement for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Treatment. 20 August 2015
STOCKHOLM – 20 August 2015: Axelar AB ('Axelar') and Cadila Pharmaceuticals Sweden AB (‘Cadila Pharma') today announced that they have entered into a co-development agreement for further formulation development and clinical development of AXL1717 in …
The Foundation for Baltic and East European Studies (Östersjöstiftelsen) has purchased all KDev Investments AB shares in Axelar AB for an undisclosed up-front payment and earn-out payments. 8 April 2015
This deal was made as KDev Investments wanted to divest its entire holding to one party. Östersjöstiftelsen will offer the other shareholders in Axelar AB the opportunity to purchase shares pro-rata, as Östersjöstiftelsen, according to their …


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