Clinical Trial Application for Phase I trial of AXL1717 new capsule formulation submitted in India

Since 2015 Axelar AB has had a co-development agreement with Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd for collaboration on AXL1717 formulation development and clinical development. Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd has developed a new AXL1717 formulation in 25 & 50 mg capsules. A phase I study is now planned with the objective to determine maximum tolerated dose, safety and tolerability profile and assessment of pharmacokinetic profile of AXL1717 for the new formulation.

The phase I clinical trial will be managed by Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd and is titled “Phase I trial of AXL1717, an orally bioavailable anti-cancer drug, in patients with solid tumors”. Tentative start of the study is Q3 2018. 

About AXL1717 (picropodophyllin)

AXL1717 is an orally bioavailable small molecule with dual mechanisms of action, which has been shown to pass through the blood-brain barrier. AXL1717 targets the IGF-1R signaling pathway but does not bind the IGF-1R. AXL1717 has also been shown to yield cell cycle arrest in mitosis, due to indirect effects on microtubule dynamics, making it a unique anti-cancer drug.

About Axelar AB

Axelar is a Swedish drug development company developing targeted oral anti-cancer therapies for indications where there are significant unmet medical needs. The company was founded based on research performed at Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm and the discovery of a group of compounds that target the IGF-1 receptor signaling pathway without affecting signaling from the closely related insulin receptor.

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